I’ve begun adding the hashtag #donaldtrampa to any and all blog posts, tweets, Instagram updates, etc. that are even remotely related to the current and 45th president of the United States. I feel it is appropriate because if there is one thing that Donald Trump personifies it is cheating.

Note: For those of you non-Spanish speakers that are reading this, “trampa” means cheating.

I’m writing this post on December 24, 2017, and at this point in time the public has yet to receive definitive, concrete evidence that Donald Trump conspired with domestic or foreign entities to cheat during the Presidential election process. However, there is a literal avalanche of evidence that being a cheat is one of his fundamental personality traits.

But unlike his lying, which is a literally a matter of public record and is unprecedented both in terms of its volume and amplitude, his cheating has taken a bit of a backseat in terms of headlines and general discussion.

There’s no doubt that his pattern of persistent and increasingly outlandish lying is a major cause for concern (read Animal Farm or 1984 for additional context or spend some time reading up on the role that lying played in the most genocidal regimes in the history of humanity). However, I would argue that his cheating is just as concerning in that it is the foundation for his administration’s attacks on the rule of law.

Mind you, in some sense the hashtag #donaldtrampa is about more than just Donald Trump. It is about a fundamental world-view that has sought to prevent progress in terms of human rights, equality, justice, science, the rule of law, etc. and so forth. There are many words that encapsulate this world view – cronieism, nepotism, fascism, etc. – and there are many entities that embody these ideas; including a very well-known one that he has been associated with for decades. Trump appears to be the perfect embodiment of these ideas in action.

Donald Trump is a cheat.

And because he is a cheat he and his comrads represent a real threat and impediment to worldwide social, economic, and environmental progress. So I sincerely hope that you will join me in referring to him as #donaldtrampa from here on out. Not just to shame the current president of the United States, but to stand against one of the main ideaologies that prevent the United States and the world at large from truly progressing.

Cheating – like lying – is the enemy of knowledge, expertise, reciprocity, and compassion. It’s an affliction that must be marginalized in order sew the seeds of a sustainable and equitable future.