In a nutshell, the sustainability project is all about personal sustainability. We can’t force businesses or governments to be sustainable, but I do believe that:

a) All individuals can take concrete steps to live more environmentally, healthily, and financially sustainable lives

b) By doing so, the collective impact will likely lead to both a corporate and government culture(s) of sustainability, since after all, businesses and governments are run by people (at least for now).

One of the central themes I’ll focus on is the idea, a quite beautiful one that was brought to my attention fairly recently, that environmental, health, and finanancial sustainability go hand in hand. For example, eating sustainably (e.g. minimizing caloric intake, eating minimally processed and locally sourced foods, and preparing foods from or close to scratch) is not just affordable in the short term but also more affordable in the long term due to the long-term health benefits.

More on this in the future…