While I’ll admit that actualizing this ancient Japanese approach to living is easier said than done, I felt the need to share the idea of Ikigai. I have certainly struggled with achieving the balance implied by this concept (credit goes to the World Economic Forum for sharing this fantastic infographic on the subject). And what I mean by that is that while I initially set out to do something I loved, was good at, and would do more good than harm, I eventually found myself mostly focused on using whatever skill sets I acquired to maximize my income at the inevitable expense of health, time with friends and family, altruism, etc. I also began noticing that the more money I made the more trappings of success I coveted (e.g. expensive drinks, food, clothes, homes, trips, gadgets, etc).

But now I’m refocused on finding that balance by focusing on minimalism and the financial sustainability it affords. And that, in my humble opinion, seems like an endeavor worth sharing.