I’m convinced that innumeracy is to the 21st century as illiteracy was to the 20th century. In other words, it is an intellectual plague that must be addressed in order for society to truly progress.

This is why one of the categories for this site is called “The Numeracy Project”. The focus of this category is to think through educational solutions both to children and adults in order to help them navigate our fundamentally mathematical society. I’m still working on the central goals and themes but some of the main concepts I have in mind are:

For Children

Fostering an appreciation for mathematics literacy and why it is so crucial on so many levels (e.g. it’s not just about math homework, but rather about thinking like an engineer/mathematician).

For Adults

Offering financial and career advise to help adults optimize their finances, their income, and their general approach to life by leveraging a variety of key mathematical concepts such as order of operations, orders of magnitude, the 80/20 rule, dollar cost averaging, variance, etc.